Kids Corner| Pretty Messy Paints


Over the last couple of weekends Gia has been asking to get messy with paint!

At first I thought nope! Nope! NOPE! And then I thought… well.. a little paint couldn’t hurt anyone and so we painted!

Last weekend we painted, cats and pumpkins and leaves. This weekend we painted the letters G I A in purple. And while it was all super messy, Gia was content and having a great time!

Mama, sometimes it’s OK to messy. It’s OK to get messy if the mess can be cleaned up and if means that your child will be happy. It’s also OK to get messy if it means that you have more pretty paintings and art work to hang up around the house or in their bedroom or on the fridge. It’s all apart of enjoying your little one while they are still little.


What do you think?

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