March Prayer Journal |Fruitful

For the month of March let’s focus our prayer time on these specific topics. Today’s topic is “Fruitful”.

Dear Lord,

Your word says that you can tell a tree by it’s fruits. In the same way that we can look at apple and determine that it belongs to an apple tree, I pray others may be able to look at my characteristics and determine that I am a child of God.

Forgive me for not exercising the fruits of the Spirit all the time, and for not even trying to most of the time. I pray that you would help me to repent and to do better.

I pray that you would help me to exercise self-control. I struggle with being impulsive and that behavior gets me into a lot of trouble. I pray that I would be kind and gentle and not harsh and brash . I pray that would be a peacemaker and not a gossiper. Help me Lord to be Holy, set apart, for your glory.

I pray that you would help the person reading this as well. Help them in the areas of the fruit of the Spirit that they may struggle with as well. I pray that you would give them the opportunity to do better. I believe that practice helps and the more that we practice the fruits, the more they will become apart of us.

I thank you for what you are about to do in our lives.

I ask that all of these things be done according to your will.

In Jesus name, amen.



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