Who We Are

The Ministry of Christian Single Mama was founded on May, 2016,  by Arilia J. Winn, a single mom who has a passion to help single moms, specifically the single moms that have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Through writing about everything from finances and dating and even sharing bits and pieces of her personal journey, Arilia aims to bring comfort to other single moms that may be struggling in this season.

A note from the founder  

Yes! It is true, even Christian women can be single mamas! HOWEVER, I have noticed that the Christian Single Mamas are a group of women that are sometimes over looked in church AND let’s be REAL, we are not the first and we surely won’t be the last, so WHY isn’t there more ministries out there for us? A couple of reasons come to mind, BUT that’s OK, that’s why I am here.

It is my heart’s desire to minister to you, as we minister to our self, in this season of being a Christian Single Mother.  I pray that you are encouraged, that you are made full, and that you feel the love of Jesus hugging you as you click through and through. I pray that as I am  transparent that you’d reach out to me and let me know how God is working in your life as well. I pray that you would not only find the love of God here, but you find financial tips, household tips, dating advice, and other assistance in areas that we single mamas struggle in. I know that being a single mom is TOUGH, but being a CHRISTIAN single mom,  WELL, there is a difference. It IS tough, BUT with the help of the Lord we are able to push forward!

So push forward Mama and sign up to receive exclusive information and details below!


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