40 Days Of Prayer | Day Three

Pray and ask God that your would enjoy this journey called Motherhood.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this amazing opportunity and blessing to be a mother. I could not have asked for something so valuable to ever happen to me. I love being Gia’s mom. She is definitely a gift from you.

I pray that I would be content in this part of my motherhood journey. I pray that I would make the most of the time that I am spending with just her and I. My heart breaks because she is starting to realize that she does not have a dad. I pray that you would send the man that is to be my husband and who is to her dad soon.

I pray that when he comes that I would know him . Until then, help us Lord. I know that you ARE her good good Father! I know that you are bigger than any earthly man with the title “Father”. I know that you love her and I so much more than any man ever could. Thank you Lord.

I pray that you would give me the strength to be the best mom that I can be for my child. I thank you for providing for us, I thank you for keeping us safe. You truly are everything that we need.

Lord, please watch over the mother reading this right now. You know what is on her heart and mind today. You know what she needs. I pray that you would meet her right where she is at. I pray that you would let her know that she is a good mom and a blessed mom. I pray that you would give her the strength and the energy to press on when she wants to give up. I thank you for her. I thank you for her child/ren.  I pray for protection over them.

We thank you God and we ask that all of these things be done in Jesus name, amen.


40 Days Of Prayer| Day Two

Pray and ask God that you would have a divine encounter today.

Dear Lord,

I pray that I would encounter you today in such a way that I have never before. I pray that I would be alert to your presence. I pray for those struggling to find their purpose in life.  I pray that you would turn the light bulb on and that they would have an idea about what they are put on this earth for. I pray for the mama that may be having a difficult time with her child/ren today God. Meet her where she is at, let her know that she is not alone, let her know that everything is going to be OK. I pray that you would give her the strength to push through. I pray that you would dry her tears. I pray that you would hear her cry. I pray that you would be near that single mama today God. Be everything that she needs. Sit with her Lord. Protect her from all harm and danger. Order her steps dear God. Lead her in the way that she should go. Lord I thank you for what you are doing and for what you’ve already done. Although we are only in day 2 of our 40 Days of Prayer, we have been praying everyday for the last week and we know that we are closer to you today than before. We thank you God. We love that you are so faithful. You are near to all those who call on you and we have been doing just that. Thank you God. We ask all of these things in Jesus name. Amen.

40 Days Of Prayer| Day One

Pray and ask God to help you manage your time.

Dear God,

I thank you Lord for this time that I have right now to pray. I thank you for the time that the person reading this has for them to take a break and relax. I thank you for not being like humans at all! Unlike me or my friends, you are always on time. Thank you Lord for NEVER changing no matter what the time. You are so good and so worthy of our praise.

Lord, I pray that you would help me to use my time wisely. I pray that you’d also help me to be alert and not get overwhelmed or lazy. I pray that I would be productive and know when it’s time to rest.

Your word says that there is a time for everything. So I pray that I would be aware of the time at all times. The time in a spiritual sense as well as  literally.

I pray for my friend reading this, I pray that you would change the way that they utilize their time. I pray that they would be productive as well as know when to rest.

We thank you Lord and we ask all of these things in Jesus name, Amen.

40 Days of Prayer

Today, March 6, we will be starting our 40 Days of Prayer!

Over the next 40 Days I want my life to change DRASTICALLY!  I don’t want to be the same. I need the Lord so bad. I so tired of praying for the same things.

It is time to get serious about our relationship with God.

The word says to seek him first and everything else will be added.

So I am putting my trust in the Lord totally.

I know that God is able to turn things around, and even if he doesn’t right now, he is still good!

Mama, I am praying that you would join me. I am praying that the Holy Spirit would tug on your heart. Sometimes we just don’t have the words to say and I understand that, and  God knows your heart, but let’s try.

Let’s be intentional in our prayer time for the next 40 days. Let’s pray for ourselves and for the country that you live in. Let’s pray and hope for a change in our lives as well as the the lives of those around us.

In Jesus name!

The 40 Days of Prayer Calendar lines up with the March Prayer Journal Prompts so that you are focused and are on the same track.


March Prayer Journal | Family 

For the month of March let’s focus our prayer time on these specific topics. Today’s topic is “Family”.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for my family. Thank you for my parents. They’ve always tried to do their best when raising me. I pray that in that regard, I could do the same for Gia. I pray for my sister. I pray that you would meet her needs. I pray for my mother,  that you’d touch her body and dry up the cancer. Give her the strength to make it through this part of her life. I pray for my blood family that lives near and far. We are all going through something. I pray that you’d be everything that they’d need. I pray for the family of Christ. I pray that you’d help us to turn from our sinful ways. I pray that you’d help us to humble ourselves as well as stand up boldly to sin. I pray for my sister or brother reading this,  touch their heart dear God. Renew their mind and strengthen their spirit. I pray that you would fill every void in their life. I thank you for them. Bless them.

In Jesus name, amen.

Praise Him In Advance

Oh give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good! Yes, he is good!

Mama, we are in full swing of embracing this season of thanksgiving! While we are absolutely thankful for the things that God has already done, we need to be thankful for the things that he is about to do.

Somebody told me years ago that I could praise God in advanced. They told me that I could thank Him for what’s to come because what’s to come is better than what’s been. They told me that by worshipping him through my trails and tribulations that I was pleasing God and that I would get through it. I can tell you from experience that that is nothing but the truth!

I can say that my today is better than my yesterday. I am so glad. I am so glad that though the seasons change, my God stays the same. AND that’s truly why I can praise him in advance. I know that God brought me out of darkness before and he can surely do it again. I know that God has provided for me once before and he can do it again! He is so able!

Be encourage today Mama, God has not forgotten about you. Lift your hands up in praise. Praise him in advance!

In Christ Alone

Some time ago I published a devotional on Who I am in Christ? Check it out if you haven’t already OR if you’re like me, read it again cause you can’t remember what it was about.

Now you maybe wondering how I don’t remember what it says when I was the one that wrote it. Haha! Yea… no excuse other than, I’m a mom, I have a toddler, I work full time, I forgets.

However in it you will find some pretty encouraging words, that when I read over it for the second time really helped me out of this funk that I’ve been in since Sunday. And this “funk” may come as a surprise to you, but I have a confession to make… I am working through my insecurities and low self-esteem.

Over the weekend I had a chance to be alone for a little while and hear God’s voice. I had prayed and my questions were answered. I know right from wrong and most times it’s easier to do wrong. Like Paul in ….  I asked God why?

Me: Why when I want to do right, I go left.?

God: When you are weak I am strong.

Me: God, I am weak?

* The light bulb comes on *

To the World, I’m not weak, but I am strong. I am strong because I work full time. I am strong because I go to school part time. I am strong because I spend time with my child. To the World I am strong, but they have no clue what’s going on in the inside and they don’t know that I am struggling internally. But God knows, he knows when the last I read my Bible was. He knows when the last time I spent more than 2 minutes in the car praying and talking to Him was. He knows my thoughts and my intentions. He sees me differently than I see me.

I see me a broken, scrunched up rose. I have yet to be in a healthy relationship so I don’t know what to look for when dating. I provide a generous and an unrecognized amount of support to those I love. I love food, but I want to loose weight. I don’t care for the way I look too much at all. I’m always longing for something better. To myself, I am not enough and to that God says, “You are weak.”

He says, “You would see yourself as I see you if only you spent a little more time with me.” He says, ” You are more than your past mistakes, even the ones you just made yesterday.” He says, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made, my child, you are beautiful.” He says, “You are more than enough because of him who lives inside of you.” He says, “You are loved.” And to that I say, “Thank you Jesus.”

Thank you Jesus for reminding of the devotional about who I am in Christ, that I wrote! He knew back then that I would need it for this present moment. In the devotional I wrote, “You ARE who GOD says you are! When you start believing in who God says you are, you will start acting like it. ” On the next page there are scriptures that answer the question of, “Who does God say I am?”

God says you are above and not beneath.

God says you are loved.

God says are his child.

So I rest in that. I rest in knowing that every negative thought that I have about myself is not true. I rest knowing that the Creator of the Heaven and of Earth thinks I am something good. I rest knowing that it is GOD who decides how much I am worth and to him I am worth dying for.

My worth is found in Christ alone.